Contract consultation

Would you like to enter into a contract, but you want to ensure yourself that the agreements are fixed as you intended it? I can clarify your business contracts and rental contracts before signing so you know what your legal position holds. Proper preparation prevents problems during the term of a contract.

I can clarify and give advise on contract issues such as:

  • Reviewing (legal) documents
  • Reviewing and translating proposals and offers
  • Drafting contracts and legal correspondence
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Evaluating contract terms
  • Reviewing and clarifying proposals, offers and contracts
  • Translating and clarifying proposals, offers and contracts

Better to know the content and the obligations of contracts before signing, than having problems or worries during the executing.

Consultation for general contracts both Spanish Law and Dutch law.

When you want to rent or let office or business space, parking space residence.

  • Tenancy law for renting or letting business space, parking space, residence
  • Contrato de Arrendamientos the Vivienda, local negocio o plaza del coche
  • Huurovereenkomsten voor bedrijfsruimte, garages of woningen.  

When you want to lease a business or transfer a business.

  • Business lease contracts
  • Contrato de traspaso o cesión
  • Lease overeenkomsten of bedrijfscessie

When you want to purchase or sell products or  when you want to sign up for services.

  • Sale of products, deliveries and related
  • Service agreements- contrato de servicios
  • Verkoop-Koopovereenkomst van goederen, leveringen, dienstverleningsovereenkomst

When you want to renewal contracts or adjust it.

  • Drafting amendments to contracts – renovar contratos

When you have disputes with contracting parties and companies.

  • Drafting legal correspondence  in disputes to agencies and companies (reclamaciones)

When you plan to design, construct and build infrastructional or building projects.

  • Building contract
  • Construction contracts (traditional RAW / STABU and integrated contracts E&C / D&C UAV, UAV-gc)
  • Aanneemovereenkomsten en bouwovereenkomsten

When you want to agree on a settlement.

  • Settlement agreement- vaststellingsovereenkomst

(Excluding employment, insurance and ICT agreements)