Legal administration

Intermediary between you and Spanish Lawyers

Do you need a Spanish Abogado as a expert for handling your claims on taxes, property, mortgage or other claims? But as a foreigner there is a gap or barriere in language or trust in the system? I am your solution.

I as a Dutch Lawyer with knowledge of Spanish Law, I can act as an intermediate between you and the Spanish lawyer. I’ll guide you with the selection of a Spanish Abogado. Then I can clarify and review the legal documents, clarify the procedure. I take care of translations and accompanying you to meetings.

I’ll simplify your legal administration.

Do you want to manage compliance with contracts and also have an strong position in this?

Do you want to learn about legal filing? What does that mean and how do you do it?

Do you want to take legal action but want avoid going to court? You just want the job done as agreed?

I can take over. I administer and manage your contracts, putting you in charge. Or I can guide you in this so that you can manage by yourself. You get a complete support you with digital file structures, charts, legal text blocks & templates, models and lectures focused on contract law and management.